Ines Caloisi

Consultancy & Development

I was born in Rome, but with a suitcase always at hand. Curious by nature, I grow up with the conviction that in every part of the world there are possibilities just knowing how to grasp the positivity inherent in change.
I graduate in languages, because if you can speak another language besides yours you can make the journey the real discovery. Apparently the closest destination is the Old Continent, but it is not yet today's Europe and it is not the EU of opportunities to be seized.  

So my post-graduate training focuses on international and European issues: from cooperation to geopolitics, from EU policies to tourism. 
Experimenter even before being an entrepreneur, after a period of work in a multinational, I get involved by creating an entrepreneurial activity that deals with design, writing and management for European projects. But also training in the same sector, because I am convinced that we must never stop learning.

Today I have decades of experience behind me, the same that allowed me to become a national expert as project evaluator and consultant for institutions, organizations and companies. My work is essentially of support for the development of those skills and for the development of strategies that make it possible to take advantage of the funds made available by the calls that Europe offers. My business is also a laboratory of ideas that are realized through a network of professionals who coordinate to ensure that the resources that Europe promotes to develop activities and territories are not wasted.

Determination, concreteness and flexibility are the qualities that I recognize and that I always carry with me, with the conviction that: “Life is the real challenge to take up. Always".

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