Published the new guide to the Erasmus plus program 2021-2027

The new deadlines, actions and the guide to the new program er + 2021-2027 have been published today

The new ERASMUS plus 2021-2027 program  was published today, the program aimed at training, education, sport, European citizenship, youth exchanges, adult and professional education. New variations that focus on the digital instrument.

The program is divided, as usual, by key actions which, for the new programming, are as follows:

Key Action 1 - Individual mobility for learning purposes 

  1. Mobility of individuals in the fields of education, training and youth
  2. Youth participation activities. 

Key Action 2 - Cooperation between organizations and institutions 

1) Cooperation partnerships divided into cooperative and small-scale partnerships;

2) Partnerships for Excellence divided into Centers of Professional Excellence, Erasmus + Teacher Academies and Erasmus Mundus Action;

3) Innovation partnerships called innovation alliances;

3) Non-profit sporting events.

Key Action 3 - Support for policy development and cooperation 

  1. Young Europeans united

Jean Monnet Shares:

  1. Jean Monnet in the field of higher education
  2. Jean Monnet in other areas of education and training 

The total budget earmarked for this call for proposals is estimated at EUR 2 453,5 million.

Reading the guide is essential. Here are the new deadlines. for specific information, please refer to a future article.

Ines Caloisi


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