The Horizon program and the European Green Deal

Project policies and actions: practical examples

THE EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL is the strategic proposal launched by the European Commission during the establishment of the president Ursula Von der Lyen.

A strategy aimed at defining European legislation for climate change, with the aim of achieving neutrality in terms of carbon emissions by 2050. 

The European green deal will involve various stakeholders, from associations to large companies, and will decline various actions with the aim of:

  1. promote the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean and circular economy
  1. restore biodiversity 
  2. to reduce the pollution

through :

  • investment in environmentally friendly technologies
  • support for industry in innovation
  • the introduction of cleaner, cheaper and healthier forms of private and public transport
  • the decarbonisation of the energy sector
  • the guarantee of greater energy efficiency of buildings
  • collaboration with international partners to improve global environmental standards.

To this end, a European climate law has been proposed (

which intends to take into account climate change and the need for structural actions to protect the planet.

At least 100 billion euros are foreseen to guarantee the transition and achieve the objectives set for 2019 to 2027.

One billion euros has just been allocated to a first HORIZON 2020 call, whose thematic objectives are:

  1. increase climate ambition;
  2. clean, cheap and safe energy;
  3. industry for a circular and clean economy;
  4. energy and resource efficient buildings;
  5. sustainable and smart mobility;
  6. “From producer to consumer” strategy;
  7. biodiversity and ecosystems;
  8. environment free of toxic substances and zero pollution.

The deadline for the call is January 26, 2021. Projects are expected to start in autumn 2021.

Knowing and entering into the perspective of the new European policies makes us understand clearly what awaits us in the coming years, how our jobs will change and which cultural, social and financial actions will be implemented. We are European citizens, whose policies are increasingly coming into contact with our lives every day, generating a cultural and structural impact that cannot be ignored. 

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